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Zoluko Slimme Weegschaal met lichaamsanalyse

1. Who should not use Zoluko Smart Scale?

The Zoluko Smart Scale should not be used by individuals with a pacemaker or other implanted medical devices as it passes a low-level electrical signal through the body which may interfere with its operation.

2. Which groups are not/less suitable for using Zoluko Smart Scale?

  • Not suitable for women during pregnancy!
  • Not intended for person under 18 who is growing as there is no standard evaluation system of body data for individuals under 18.
  • Less suitable for adults with professional body exercises or athletes.
  • Zoluko Smart Scale and its associated application should not be used to diagnose, treat or prevent any diseases or medical conditions. It should only be used purely as a reference. Always seek the advice of a qualified medical professional before make any changes to your exercise or nutrition.

3. How does the Zoluko Smart Scale work?

The Zoluko Smart Scale uses BIA (Bio-electrical Impedance Analysis) technology to estimate body fat mass, lean mass, total body water and bone mass. The general principle behind: two or more conductors (electrode or ITO film) on the scales contact person’s body and a small electric current is sent through the body. The resistance between the conductors will provide a measure of body fat. The electrical current is small and may not be felt.

4. Can I use this Zoluko Smart Scale without connecting to an app? Can you further explain the situation?

The Zoluko Smart Scale is highly recommended to be used in coordination with an app, otherwise the scale will only show weight information. In the app, there are 11 more body composition such as body fat, body water, skeletal muscle and so on that you can access to.

Using the app will also allow you to keep a record of body data every time you step on the scale. The app keeps your data in a private secured cloud server, which made it extra convenient where you can retrieve your record even on other phones or mobile devices.

The app you need for this scale is called Leaone, you can go to IOS App Store and Google Play for free download. You can create multiple users in the Leaone app to keep record of each family member. The cloud storage will certainly make viewing record super convenient.

5. Why does the app need my height, age and other private information when I first signed in? Will you keep it secret?

The BIA bio-electrical measuring technique will require 3 pieces of information, which is height, age and gender to calculate the fat percentage by combining the provided personal data to body impedance information given by the scale. Without personal data’s, the smart scale will not be able to show the complete analysis, which only provide basic weight measurement.

We will keep your personal information secret and make sure that the information is only used for fat percentage algorithm application and no other purposes.

Regarding to age, it is possible to enter your birth year in combination with the first day of the year. For example, 1 January 1985. To calculate the correct measurement the Zoluko Smart Scale only needs your age in years. The exact date does not make any difference in the measurement.

6. What should I do if Zoluko Smart Scale does not display or display something unusual?

The fact that Zoluko Smart Scale could not display or put out other messages could be narrowed down to several possibilities:

  • LED/LCD does not display. Please check whether the batteries have power. If the LED still does not work after re-installing the batteries, we suggest you replace the old batteries with new ones.
  • LED/LCD display LO (Low Battery). Please carefully check whether the batteries are installed correctly, so do confirm the batteries still have power. If the LO display still comes up after re-installing the batteries, you should replace the batteries for new ones.
  • LED/LCD display ERR (Error). The sensors of the scales might have been overloaded of even damaged.  Avoid exceeding the weight of 180 kg. or 440 lb. while using this scale.

7. How can I switch weighing unit?

To set up Zoluko Smart Scale shows the right weight unit, press the weighing unit button beneath the scale, LED/LCD will switch between KG or LB.

To set up app shows the right weight unit, please click setting, weight unit and select the unit.

8. How is Zoluko Smart Scale connected to the app?

Open the app and enter the measuring interface. Make sure the Bluetooth function turned on. Step on the scale to turn on the display. Click “settings”, then click “My Scale”. Click “Bind/Pair Bluetooth Scale”. It will remind you “Scale founded, bind now”.  Click “Bind/Pair”, then the connection process finished.

If the current app has already been synced to another scale, you need to disconnect the app to this particular scale. You should click “Settings” and “My Device”, click to disconnect the device and repeat above mentioned connection process.

You just need to connect the devices for the first time, they will automatically be connected during subsequent use as long as the Bluetooth of devices are both on.

9. What measurement steps can I take to avoid unnecessary measurement error?

Methods to reduce weight error:

Zoluko Smart Scale must be placed on hard and flat surface, such as ceramic tiles and similar solid floor. Carpet and soft items should not be placed under the scale as padding. The margin of deviation of Zoluko Smart Scale is <0,66%.

Method for decreasing errors of fat percentages and water percentage:

A. Zoluko Smart Scale obtains body fat percentage by using BIA (Bio-impedance Analysis) bio-electrical measurement method, fat percentage obtained by using BIA measurement method is closely related to the following parameters: Body Impedance Coefficient, Height, Weight, Age and Gender.

  • A user is required to enter correct height, gender, age. If these data are incorrect, accurate body fat percentage will not be obtained.
  • Bare feet are necessary (shoes and socks should be taken off).
  • To ensure that the user obtains the body impedance coefficient of the standard model, the user Is required to follow correct standing posture for measurement.
  • At time of measurement, please put two feet to cover metal electrodes on left and right sides and be still with your feet apart until the end of the measurement. The entire measurement process will need about 15 seconds.

B. We suggest performing measurement at the same time and under the same body conditions every day. The body daily weight varies with change during consumption of food and water, and the weight can vary from 0,5-2kg.  Body fat percentage = fat weight/body weight, therefor body fat percentage will fluctuate and normal body fat percentage fluctuation within a single day is shows as the following figures. Before consuming food and water in the morning, body fat percentage reaches the highest peak of the day, as well as in the afternoon and evening. With weight gaining and water percentage gaining caused by eating and drinking, body fat percentage reaches the lowest value in the day.

Therefore, we strongly suggest that a user perform measurement in early morning before consuming any food or drinks. Doing so continuously can obtain a more consistent and reliable long-term Body Weight/Body Fat data.

10. How is proper measurement performed?

  • Open the app and enter the measuring interface
  • When you want to perform measurement, please take of your shoes and socks, two feet stand on the electrode plates on both sides, respectively, and you should not voluntarily leave or shake during the measurement.
  • The scale first measures weight and then measures fat and other components of the body. When performing measurement, responses of the scale and the app are as follows, e.g.  A person has 50 kg. when standing on the scale, a 50 kg. will blink 2-3 times on LCD/LED, keeping on standing on the scale for about 5 seconds and on the measuring interface of the app, the weight figure will flash firstly until the measuring is complete and all data’s will be displayed on app. Finally, the screen of the scale will be automatically turned off.

11. Why my fat percentage measurement data are different between several scales? Does the scale measure fat accurately?

  • The scale will provide the most consistent data when you measure fat in the morning before eating, drinking or exercising and after using the toilet.
  • Hydration level is an important source of error in determining the flow of the electric current to estimate body fat. Drinking a bottle of water will increase the weight a little but will distort the fat measurement dramatically.
  • Body fat measurements are lower when measurements are taken shortly after consumption of a meal.
  • Moderate exercise before BIA measurements leads to an overestimation of fat-free mass and an underestimation of body fat percentage due reduced impedance
  • BIA method is not a “Gold standard”, it is suggested only for home usage.
  • Consumer grade devices for measuring BIA have not been found to be sufficiently accurate for single measurement use, and are better suited for use to measure some changes in body composition over time for individuals.
  • Household body fat scale manufacturers mostly use BIA measurement, but results are also different due to different algorithms and devices, but you should pay more attention to relative changes of value measured form the same devices for over long period of time.  Sticking with the same assessment system will likely yield a better overall picture of a person’s health status. Again, we must stress that relative changes of value are more meaningful than absolute value of a single measurement.
  • Bluetooth Smart Scale and its associated applications should not be used to diagnose, treat or prevent any diseases or medical conditions. It could only be used purely as a reference. Always seek the advice of a qualified medical professional before making any changes to your exercise or nutrition as doing so may cause severe harm or death.

12. Why would the sum be more than 100% when all measured components are added up?

From point of view of the human body chemical structure, the body main components include fat tissue, water, protein and inorganic tissues: fat tissue is mainly comprised of fat and water, where in water accounts for about 25% of total fat tissue, muscle tissue is mainly comprised of protein and water, where in water accounts for 70% of total muscle tissue.

Our body fat scale measures contents of fat tissue, muscle tissue, water, bone and other major tissues in human body. Due to various tissues contain considerable proportions of water, the sum would be more than 100% when all the measured components are added up.

13. Why can’t I connect phone to device?

  • Please make sure that Bluetooth is already turned on, the scale is near the phone and batteries are installed with enough power.
  • If it is Android 6.0+ device, please make sure it grants location rights to Leaone.
  • If still can not be searched after granting location rights, please turn on GPS.

14. How to grant location rights to Leaone?

  • Click “Apps” in settings
  • Seek out Leaone from All Apps and click it into App info
  • Seek out Permission from App info, click it into App permissions and then turn on locations.

15. How can multiple users be added?

Click on the “Member” icon and then click on “Add Member”. A pop-up will appear, fill up the requested info and follow up it. The new users will need to fill in his/her name and personal info. Once done you should click “Confirm”. After a user is added, you can select the user in you user-list to perform measurement.

16. If my Gender/Age/Height have not been filled in correctly? How do I modify them?

Click on “Member” icon and then click on the user image. In the profile editing page, you can click and modify each data presented in the page. After modification is completed, it will automatically be refreshed.

17. How can I connect the App to Google Fit?

  • Click “Settings” > Sync into “Google Fit” and then enter into “Google Fit” interface.
  • Turn on “Google Fit” switch, selecting interface of existed Google account will appear (or adding new account, registering Google account) and select you own Google account.
  • After selecting successfully, it will return to “Google Fit” switch is on and connection successful.
  • After measuring, the data will be uploaded to “Google Fit”. You can log in you APP and check relevant data.

Visit our product page at Zoluko Smart Scale or find us at

Zoluko Slimme Weegschaal met lichaamsanalyse